May 13, 2011

Fabric Storage

It's a beautiful thing! Love my new totes! Love the color, the print, the fact they all fit underneath my table. Mah-vah-lous! I bought them from Walmart, good price & glad I bought them when I did bcuz I think they were seasonal & already gone! Yikes! I think I have plenty for now though. If I add any more to my stash, I will have to take over the last 20% of our master bedroom! The other 80 is filled w/our bed, husband's desk & my scrapbook empire! mwah-ha-ha-ha!!! Okay, so it's not a Becky Higgins or Dear Lizzy empire. It's my little corner of the world that took OVAH-- my bedroom! Yes I love to scrap! Who doesn't?!

Back to the pretties... Oh! I know I skipped on the 'Before' photos. Sorry about that! Clearly wasn't thinking at the time. Too excited to switch it all out! I love the end result.

I have these filled & a huge basket, along w/a shelf unit w/wire drawers located next to my desk filled w/fabric. I love vintage/antique wire baskets too! I had bought two that I will share soon! One day, when we get the bigger home, I will have my very own craft/office space and it'll be then I can have more storage for fabric, etc. For now, this will do bcuz my sewing table/office is in our living room! I will have to share my set up soon w/you! I will gladly take any suggestions on storage! Remember I do have very limited space. How do you store your fabric?

Enjoy your day!


VOL25 said...

Hey!! Thanks for stopping over on my blog. :) I had to comment when I seen you posted about those totes... I also picked up a couple in the pink for my girls' room. I LOVE them. I went back a week later and couldnt find them. I about cried. ;) Anyhow the next week I found some more in a different location, grabbed up what I wanted and now I am a happy camper! :) They look cute labeled!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

so pretty. x hivenn