January 19, 2015

H is for Haley

Happy Birthday Haley! She's been a family friend since before she was born. Is that possible? ha! Antonia wanted to buy a Heidi Swapp marquee letter to decorate but we decided it was on the small side and bought a wood letter from Michaels instead! DIY it was! The end result came out super cute too! And the best part, the birthday girl loved it!

Happy Fourteen Haley! We love you! xo

Supplies used:
Heidi Swapp Marquee lights
HS Marquee bulb covers
Art Mind wood letter

January 1, 2015

Fresh Start

What do ya say?! I'm liking this idea! Happy fresh start everyone! Clean slate. Boom! So many things on my list to want to do, do for my mommy-self, for my girls, for my family & home... The list goes on! I shall tackle one month at a time. That's all I can handle. I can only pray to NOT get overwhelmed with all the life happenings each day. And remember to take time each day & do that one thing that will help ALL in my opinion: pray. No worries though, I won't push this on you, it'll be happening each day though in the background while the girls are baking, singing loud in the car, arguing & laughing away too, with me driving non-stop each day and while getting things done on my mom-to-do list. 

Welcome New Year! 
Please don't pass us by too quickly this time around. 

November 18, 2014

Harajuku Love

Just my girl and her Harajuku bag by Gwen Stephani. We walked into this local store and Leleanna walked straight to the counter to scour over the jewels. She loves her jewelry! I spotted this messenger bag w/all the purses & totes too! I thought what a great Xmas gift this would make for Lele until... she saw, grabbed & would NOT stop telling me she HAD to have this bag! Okay, I guess it cannot wait for Christmas morning. End result, I have a happy ten year old! 

* I have checked online too & these bags seemed to be sold out everywhere! That & pretty pricey! Score for mommy! 

Here is THEE bag close up! =)

Hope you're having a great day!

October 28, 2014

Lunch Notes Mini

Do your little ones take lunch every day to school? Do you still write lunch/love notes? Mine do & yes to writing notes every morning! Our younger two are in 5th and 8th grade. I often look through my Becky Higgins Project Life kits to grab 3x4 cards! Do you? Add some stamps & washi and voila! Super cute notes!

 Here are the front/back covers and the two inside covers. I used a little bit of everything! Some of the alphas are from the Target Dollar Spot! A few items are from Paper Issues May 2014 swag bag!

What do you think? I just thought we still have 2 months left in this semester to fit in! Oops! Do you keep all the handwritten notes for your child? Now would be a good time to start working on my other daughter's Lunch Note mini!
Happy day!

October 26, 2014

Happy Dias de los Muertos

Do you celebrate the Day of the Dead? The festival is pretty close by and we were able to take the girls this year straight from Lele's soccer game! A few gifts were bought and jewelry of course! Also, a big thing to do is decorate sugar skulls. Had to wait on line for this too!

Can you tell which lovely sugar skull belongs to whom? lol
Have a good night.

Hello Fall

Happy Sunday to you! Today we're headed out to a soccer game and to the Dias de los Muertos festival. And no we won't be wearing sweaters & jeans! Today's high here in the desert will be 89 deg & feel much warmer in the sun. In the shade, it'll be bee-- autiful! So pack the sunscreen & water!

* * *

I created this card for the October mood board over at Jot magazine & I must say, I am loving those clocks, feathers & those comfy pillows! 

I started off this card w/the brown chevron paper from Amy Tangerine. The doily was made with a Spellbinders die, added an Amy Tangerine Hello Thickers accent on top of the Amy Tangerine feather sticker. I added the slits to give texture. The flowers are are by Kaiser Craft & Prima. The buttons were in my stash. The xxx stitches are Amy Tangerine mini mark rubons. The enamel dots are by Teresa Collins. 

I love the colors in this card too! I kind of wish that AZ would catch up & cool off! Around here is still green, but we can drive up north to see the leaves change colors and eventually snow!

Happy day.

October 24, 2014

This girl

My gorgeous, funny, club soccer playing teen needs your prayers. I say many prayers each day & night and they can only get her so far. I'm hoping w/others praying for her too, they will be heard and help her heal and overcome all that is hindering her.

This is Graciella.

This photo is from this July, right after we spent almost 3 hours on the Salt River, tubing. Yes, my girl took her braid out & posed by our stack of tubes just as mom asked. This has to be one of my favorite shots of her to date! She is gorgeous with zero makeup & river hair and BOOM! Yes I'm proud to say, she is mine. =) I also wanted to post this on Instagram w/hopes the "right" people would see her & want to sign her to model for teen clothing, sports clothing/workout gear, hair products... the list goes on! I just couldn't do it but here she is on my blog. lol

Without going into her health history & present issues, she can use all the prayers she can get. Honestly. Her schooling had suffered and because of all the sickness, she may not return to normal high school this year & play Varsity HS soccer for the third year in a row. This alone will break her heart. It breaks mine everyday when she tells me how she feels or that she's feeling sick, etc. I don't want to add more meds to her regimen either. In the past, stress got the best of me and literally, I went through hell. Many prayers got me through it and granted me a miracle. No exaggeration. So with that said, I know in my heart, that prayers do work & change lives just like that.

** I kept putting off publishing this post since the summer. The main reason I guess was this photo. My beautiful girl. This is her every day. She's 16 and we can honestly say, she's a good girl. She deserves the best life has to offer her and we would love nothing more than her to feel 'normal' again. 

I'd like to thank you all in advance for adding my girl to your daily prayers. We do appreciate it & if I could give you each a big fat huge hug IRL, I would. Many thanks.