October 17, 2017

HOCO 2017

It's that time again! Homecoming for my beautiful girl. This year she's a junior and with the same busy, club soccer schedule. The weekend of the homecoming dance happened to fall on the same weekend of a soccer tournament. She had a game Friday night, and two games Saturday before the dance. Same deal, different year. She was lucky though she was able to make homecoming. A friend of hers had to miss it because her game was a half hour after the dance started. She had told me too that she bought her dress, ordered shoes online, and the day after her shoes arrived, she found out the tournament schedule. 🙈 My girls have been able to make it all these years to prom too, with their soccer schedule. They would rush home, get ready, we find somewhere with lighting that's close by to the school and boom! I take photos and they're off! 

Antonia started the day off with her first game at 9:50 am. This really means she needs to be at the field an hour earlier to warm up with team. Then we work backwards... If she needs to be at field at this time, and it takes 30 minutes to get there, we'll need to leave the house at this time. So I will wake up at this time and wake you up at that time. haha! Yes every game works this way. We lucked out for her second game bc it was at the same park. We ate lunch and watched Lele play before Antonia's second game at 1:00 pm. Yep, all in a day's work. 👍

dress & clutch  / Windsor
shoes  / Target

My girl & her bff, Blue. 💙

 My girl & her bff, Jason. 😊

Hoco theme: The Great Gatsby

Although both girls (yes bffs & teammates for years!) were exhausted from two games in the Arizona heat, they both said they had so much FUN! This was music to my ears. lol So happy for them! Both girls are extremely busy each week with club soccer and homework, and both maintain straight A's! Whoohoo! Yes this makes me happy! (just had to brag for a sec) 😄

Happy Taco Tuesday!

September 3, 2016

Hello September

Wow! Time sure flies when you're super busy and having fun! My days are filled with working for Richard Garay, school, soccer and all the mom/wife stuff! Oh yeah and traveling to all the Be Amazing Tour stops for RG! And as of recently visiting my mom in Maryland. I went a few days early to the east coast to surprise her and it worked! I loved catching up with her in person and being able to hug her again & again! I call my mom every other morning on my drive to work to talk about our days. Seeing the look on her face when she realized it WAS really me standing in front of her, that was the best! I only wish my girls and Carlos could of been with me. (And yes, I will be returning my regularly scheduled blog posts! I miss it!)

Two teens in high school and our youngest in jr. high, yes ours days are super busy! I get home and either we need to go to this store for this & that, laundry, homework and my body is ready to say hello? I need to see the bed like now. The list goes on but I do love my job! Traveling is super fun and meeting all the coaches! Getting to know my co-workers that much better too with each trip is too funny. They crack me up and know me so well, and apparently the convention center staff do too that quick! Yes my co-workers spread the news about my eating habits! haha! (I eat many times throughout the day bc my metabolism is super FAST!) This is the latest shot of the Journey Crew in Virginia Beach from the observation deck (4th floor) overlooking the town and you can see the ocean from there! 

Did I mention I am still a Fun Stampers Journey coach? Do you love playing with paper and lots of stamps? Planners and pocket pages too? I got you covered! You can visit my FSJ site and browse away! If you cannot find an item, leave a comment or DM me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook! I'd love to help if I can and if you're local, I would LOVE to plan a crafty date! You can look through our gorgeous catalog that was released July 1st IRL! Have you looked through our Holiday Mini Trends catalog yet? You can purchase items through the end of this month! Click HERE to view! So many super cute products to choose from! What's your fave item to craft with? I have a long-- list! lol 
This collection above has to be my FAVORITE at the moment! Slice of Life. Super cute prints and yes on the flip side you can COLOR in yourself! Watercolors, pencils, anything you like! Visit shop to see all the stamps, color in washi & embellishments! AND I must mention the new watercolor pencils by FSJ! Love! And they color like buttah--! No joke!

I'd love to connect with you, whether you're local or on the east coast! I love happy mail, pocket letters and to share this AMAZING company! If you're interested in becoming a coach, you can DM me, send an email or browse the FSJ site and let me know your thoughts! No pressure! =)
Julie Garcia-Matus / Chandler, AZ

Have a safe and happy weekend my friends! 

January 16, 2016

Happy 2016

Happy New Year only a few weeks later! lol Wow! This year has taken off super quick! I will come back this weekend and write a full post to let you know how 2016 is going so far! So much to share! In the meantime, if you're looking for a new venture, to connect with crafty people like yourself, to join a team that is growing by the day, and have a guy that never stops helping you along the way?!! Click on this link: Fun Stampers Journey and browse around! If you decide to join FSJ, choose me as your coach (Julie Garcia-Matus) and we can build this team together! 
Any questions, please send me an email. =)

Have a good night!

October 24, 2015

Fall Fest Party

Happy weekend! I'm having an online catalog party! Shop from your home, bed, couch... lounging on a chaise lounge perhaps? lol Fall promotions ends Oct. 31st. Also you can earn free product w/any order over $50! We have a bunch of super cute stamps & more. The holidays are around the corner, have you created a wish list?!

We have more than just fall items available! Fun Stampers Journey has a brand new jewelry line too! If you love lockets for yourself or as a gift AND you can customize! Visit before the 31st to take advantage of the 20% off or browse and shop for more!

**Before you checkout and pay, you will be asked if you want to credit a party with your order. Please click & choose Party 1617 Julie Garcia-Matus

Happy shopping!

September 30, 2015

Donut Worry

Yes! I'm a Journey Coach with Fun Stampers Journey! I'm so excited! Ok, back to those donuts though! Super cute stamp set! Cannot wait to get this set in my hands! 

Today is the LAST day to sign up to receive this Kit of the Month! If you decide to wait a day or two, it won't be available! All details can be found HERE

I'm happy I joined the FSJ family! I wish I would of done it sooner! Any questions, feel free to ask away in the comments or send me an email. =)

Happy day to you!

August 12, 2015

Welcome to Richard Garay!

Yes! I went back to work after 17 years! Yikes! Say hello to thee Journey Blooms Media Manager! Whoohoo! So happy & love it! 

photo credit: American Crafts blog

Okay, so it's only been since August 3rd. =) I will be solely working on the Richard Garay side of it. His other company, Fun Stampers Journey, has their own crew of people too. I cannot wait to share all the upcoming exciting news! I will share when I can though! Just a little FYI: this guy is FULL of great ideas! So much inspiration too!

So if you see this new logo...

Be sure to follow, click & read! Follow Richard Garay on Social Media! (just click on links!)

Facebook:  Richard Garay (community)
Instagram: @teamrichardgaray
Twitter: @teamrgaray
Pinterest: teamrichardg
Periscope: @garayrichard

**A few of his channels are brand new! Just follow now & you won't be disappointed! LOTS of new, cute, MUST have products are right around the corner!

Happy day to you! 

August 1, 2015

Pocket Letters - Heidi Swapp themed

Finally!! I have uploaded my first video to YouTube! And I sound like a total dork at the beginning! Sorry! Please watch for details because I cannot share with photos! I had redone all my settings on my Nikon & boom! A no go. Down the drain. The photos cannot open in PSE period. Fail! So I hope the video does them justice! Let me know your thoughts please?! And again, I know I sound funny at the start. I will perfect this, I promise! =) If you'd like to watch on YouTube, click HERE

Please share if you'd like!
Happy day to you! And btw, August already?? Yikes!