May 6, 2018

Prom 2018

I always say how time flies! I want to get back to my blog so bad and I need to make time for this! There, I said it! *wink wink* Okay back to this post!

Last night was Antonia's junior prom! My girl looked absolutely beautiful! I must say that her and her boyfriend, Jason looked amazing! They made such a stunning couple. Yes I can gush and gush some more. =) I have many photos. Ones taken with my phone and others taken with my Nikon D810... Which I'm not too happy with at the moment. I changed out my lens and settings from those I use to take of soccer. Moving subjects. Across the field, etc etc. Well, with a super sunny day and we won't mention the 102 temps, the settings were not in my favor, at all. I was ready to cry (tears were shed) and I even test shot with the new settings before we left earlier! So upset. I'm hoping the others that were able to have their camera work, do indeed share their photos with me. Until then, I'll share the ones I have.

The theme was Fly Me to the Moon. It was held at the Arizona Science Center. The students even went in the Planetarium to see the stars, constellations etc and a roller coaster simulation show. Not sure of the correct name but I had gone with my girls on many field trips to see this! The older I got, I had to close my eyes or I would of gotten sick! Antonia said she loved it though! An employee even took photos of the kids in this room. Looks magical! (I'll share that photo last!)

These two have been dating for almost 6 months! They were best friends for 2 years. Jason is the sweetest kid too, we love him!

This girl is a pretty special one I tell ya! Yes she may drive us nuts but in the end, she's a great kid, super smart, has a job and still plays club soccer, as well as high school ball!

These two have been bff for years now! They met as teammates so long ago!

The ladies looked amazing!

Not sure why, but I'm a fan of these type of photos! I have been taking them for years! =) Here's another shot that's similar. I couldn't decide!

Isn't this shot amazing?! Reminds me of a romantic scene in a movie! 
Love it!
So there you have it my friends, my photos w my big girl camera and phone. If there are any great shots sent to me, I will add to this post!
Happy day to you!

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