October 17, 2017

HOCO 2017

It's that time again! Homecoming for my beautiful girl. This year she's a junior and with the same busy, club soccer schedule. The weekend of the homecoming dance happened to fall on the same weekend of a soccer tournament. She had a game Friday night, and two games Saturday before the dance. Same deal, different year. She was lucky though she was able to make homecoming. A friend of hers had to miss it because her game was a half hour after the dance started. She had told me too that she bought her dress, ordered shoes online, and the day after her shoes arrived, she found out the tournament schedule. 🙈 My girls have been able to make it all these years to prom too, with their soccer schedule. They would rush home, get ready, we find somewhere with lighting that's close by to the school and boom! I take photos and they're off! 

Antonia started the day off with her first game at 9:50 am. This really means she needs to be at the field an hour earlier to warm up with team. Then we work backwards... If she needs to be at field at this time, and it takes 30 minutes to get there, we'll need to leave the house at this time. So I will wake up at this time and wake you up at that time. haha! Yes every game works this way. We lucked out for her second game bc it was at the same park. We ate lunch and watched Lele play before Antonia's second game at 1:00 pm. Yep, all in a day's work. 👍

dress & clutch  / Windsor
shoes  / Target

My girl & her bff, Blue. 💙

 My girl & her bff, Jason. 😊

Hoco theme: The Great Gatsby

Although both girls (yes bffs & teammates for years!) were exhausted from two games in the Arizona heat, they both said they had so much FUN! This was music to my ears. lol So happy for them! Both girls are extremely busy each week with club soccer and homework, and both maintain straight A's! Whoohoo! Yes this makes me happy! (just had to brag for a sec) 😄

Happy Taco Tuesday!

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