December 19, 2009

Got Soccer?

Yes, it was another day of soccer. Two games to be exact! Graciella & daddy went in one direction to her game and Antonia, Lele, Gramma & I went in the other. Daddy kept me updated on G's game. They ended up losing this one. Defense wasn't up to par. Hmm. I'll leave the details out though. Antonia's game: she KILLed it! She blew by 2 defenders, faked them out w/moves & shot on goal w/her LEFT foot & SCORED! The sideline went NUTS! That's my mama. So proud of her. She really pulled it out today! Another little girl on her team shot & scored w/her left foot too! Whoohoo girls! Go Thunder! Her team won 3-1. Then she was off to her teammate's house for the afternoon. I did get to escape for 20 mins to Starbucks w/bff, Jeannie. Yay! I so-- needed that gabbing session! Thank you ma'am! xoxo

As usual, the rest of the day was a blur. Tried to make a dent in putting up lites on tree, as well as outside. (yes, no extra time over here folks!) But it all stopped bcuz I had to leave, go to CVS, p/u Antonia, Costco run to p/u daddy's pix & home. Just to hurry, get girls dressed warm & out the door to Gramma's! An hour earlier than planned! We went over for the boat light parade. My mom calls me "come over now! The first boat is passed me now!" Hello--? You told me 7pm! Ah--! She's lives a mile away so we were on our way! She ordered pizza & we sat w/blankets & watched the boats go by... it was nice to sit for a minute & girls seemed to like it! Then it was off to put up lites! Got home & we stayed outside till about an hour ago! (1030) Whew!

Found out tonite that girls will be playing soccer manana! Need to eat & try to get to bed before 2am! I'm hoping it happens! =) I need to post some pix to shop & blog asap!

Sweetest Dreams.

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