December 21, 2009

Canned Gifts & Skater Girls

I'm working backwards people, so work w/me! =)  We have to go back to Friday am before school & I had to finish these:

I made these for four different teachers. They are made from soup cans w/the goodies inside!

You would open the can just as you would if you were going to make soup! Pull the Tab!

My girls had half day & I was trying my hardest to make it all come together real quick. I just had to put the finishing touches on all of them & get them to the girls before school got out! I got a call from Graciella, "mom, she's opening gifts NOW!" Nice, I know. I threw clothes on & was on my way. Got there only to hear Antonia say, "mom, you're late" Nice. I felt so loved & appreciated let me tell you. Believe me, they heard it ALL on the way home. I bust my butt to do all this & THIS is how you treat mommy? No: thank you, it looks great?! Thx so much for getting it here before my teacher leaves? Nope. All four loved my wrapping & the gift inside. Made my effort feel appreciated. Two out of the four said they needed them NOW! Yes! The other two said they loved them & three put them on as soon as they pulled it out of the can! Yes! If anyone compliments you on it, PLEASE just tell them where you got it! Simply turn over the lanyard & BAM, there I am! (  I went home a happy camper! =)

I promised Lele I would take a pic of her teacher's goodies once she opened it!

Soup can + scrapbk paper + ribbon = cute pkging!

**I cannot say I came up w/this can idea on my own. I saw this HERE & said this is TOO CUTE! This gal is super crafty, I love her blog!

Next: we have to go back a week earlier to Friday, Dec.11th. That day was a hectic-than-evah type of day! Three bday parties after school (the first starting at 5pm) I'll skip all the drama (for details,  click HERE )  & get to the skating party! This was going to be a first for Antonia, but she was willing to try! The hook was "mommy, I want you to skate too!" I didn't get any pixs of myself but I did manage to get some of my pretty girl!

This takes me back to when I skated every wkend w/my bff, Debbie =)

Cute cake made by relative of bday girl! Love the snowflakes on the blue! Antonia MADE me take a photo of this cake! Demanding it!

Bday girl, Antonia & dancer girl (she dances 20+ hrs/wk!)
(Both are on A's club team)

I will finish up in the am! It's only 2am, I need to get to sleep! (I did start this post earlier though! Between the girls NOT getting to bed & editing pix... you get it the picture!)
Gnite. xo

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Great gift ideas for the teachers!