December 19, 2009

Quick Update

We got a call back from pedia GI dr this afternoon. Lele can eat REAL food again! =) Daddy promised her for this wkend, she could pick any place she wanted to eat & we'll go. Hmm... then she remembered her trips to Elephant Bar w/her God-mom! Thx Jeannie. I guess we'll be heading over that way real soon! haha

Today was a hectic day, as usual. Girls had half a day. Lele stayed home. 13 days missed. Ugh! (Just bcuz of this whole potty/BM issue. But she is a happy camper & excited to eat again.) I had take teacher gifts over to school w/calls from Graciella saying "ma, are you here yet? she's opening her gifts now." Yes. Okay. I get it. I got to school & all the gifts were delivered. The teachers loved 'em! Yes. They liked the packaging too. Yes. I decorated each one myself. Can I buy some time Alex? haha! Not a vowel, but T.I.M.E. (okay, so two vowels.) Thx so much. Overnite it please too.

It's so late, I will post my pix manana in the pm. Girls have games. We had Antonia's soccer party tonite. It got real chilly out too! Sitting by the fire pit/table was ni----ce. My bff Jeannie took me for a ride in her new Murano. Nice pick chica! Congrats on that one! Roomy too!

Will add a few items to shop I'm hoping for pix manana pm also! I made four for gifts & I like how they turned out. I haven't seen ANY. NOT ONE out there like this one! You'll see it HERE first. Now you'll know it someone else bites my idea & claims it's theirs. Nope. =) It's simple w/a small detail. It went over big w/the teachers! Yay! Stay posted folks & visit back soon...

Have a good nite & sweet dreams.

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chefamily said...

glad your little one is able to eat again!