November 5, 2009

Bdays, Halloween & Sneak Peak

Oct. 30th: Mischief Nite: I had it when I grew up, did you? Out here, no one really does it. However, the nite before a football game some houses get TP'd & such... then it takes me back! ha!

My mom's 79th bday. She'll tell you that she's 39 still. UGH! It was only funny the first 20 yrs you told this lie ma--! We had a small party for her here at home w/Carrie, Rob & Gia, all 5 of us & Gramma's friend, Dot. I even went crazy & printed 100 pix from Costco that same day to fill her album (she thought I would never do it!) I filled up w/pix from this year only! And I still could of added more!

The curly candles: Graciella's idea =)

Lele & Gramma

Dorothy: Gramma's new bff =)

Graciella & Giavanna

Lele, Gia & her mommy xo

Gia & Carrie

Oct. 31st, Halloween: Leleanna had a game (surprise! surprise!) at 8am the next morning. They won & Lele killed it! Daddy had to hold her back! She scored 5 goals! Whoohoo! Supah Stah---! Did you lunge fwd & throw your arms up in the air, while saying Supah Stah---?! Try it again, w/emotion people! heehee

The Dream Team: Jenna, Sera & Lele
Final score: 12-2 Thunderbolts!!

Antonia had a game in Scottsdale at 11am. Yep. You guessed it. Ran home after Lele's game, let puppies out & left that quick! Antonia had to be there by 1015! Her team played a good game & tied 3-3. Another game they SO should of won. The girls are still young though & learning from their mistakes. =) I'll keep it as that! heehee

Trick-or-Treating: Carrie, Rob & Gia gave candy out at our house, while I took the girls around our neighborhood. We were ready to start walking before the sun went down! Whoohoo! We ended up going around w/a neighbor & her son. Not many people were in the Halloween spirit! boo--! The girls had fun though. By 630, we were outta here! And off to a party! We brought cupcakes to add to the tons of food Grace had at her house.

70's rocker chick, Cinderella & my China girl

I love this pic. But not those For Sale signs that are ALL over!

We saw the Jesson girls long enough to take a quick pic!

Nov. 1st:  I had set my alarm for 450am bcuz we HAD to be out of the house at 615! Nope. Didn't go down like that. Of course, my iphone had to switch time zones that am. ?? I check the other clocks, once I turned my cell alarm off & they all said 6am! What?! Really?! Then, here comes Carlos walking in from work! So instead of having an hour to get myself & 3 girls ready... we had 15-20 mins! We left about 625am & jumped on the freeway headed out to Maryvale. (I learned this when we got there bcuz of the sign! duh! haha!) Anyway, it was hot. Once again. The girls were playing w/out a key defender. So that meant Graciella would be playing her position. She usually plays fwd. She does an awesome job though as def & no one gets past her & her tiny self! =) They have a new girl Maddy too. (she switched clubs - lucky us!)That was her first game & she scored our one goal! Go Maddy!! I'll hold my comments to myself, just in case someone reads this & has NOT heard them first hand! =) The girls played tough & held their own. Graciella hurt her knee, so bad Coach Beny had to carry her off the field. This is when Del Sol scored 3 goals. ?! Need I say more? I know G does not hold down the fort by herself back there, the other team members have to step up & do their job! Okay, I'll leave well enough alone. The other team's coach received a yellowcard! yay! And one of his players did too! That team w/the elbows! Whoo! It was bad. Soccer at this level is rough alone. But to teach your girls to go that extra mile & 'hurt' the players? Nope. Wasn't working. Graciella ended up going back in & was okay afterall. Thank God!

Graciella left w/a teammate & her family & we headed home. But NOT w/out a stop to QT first! =) She came home w/this! Interesting, I know. ?? I think a guy made it at Margaritaville.

I got this in the mail from a Rice Babies giveaway. =) Thx again!!

Nov. 2nd: Happy Birthday Carlos! Also, Happy Bday Harley! Yep, my husband & puppy share the same bday! We love you & appreciate all your hard work daddy! xo

Carlos had to rush off to work after we did cake & gifts. =/

We decided to take the boys for a walk & afterwards, we took all the Halloween decs down. I even had to drag the huge ladder out to reach the spider above garage. Ugh! That's all I meant to get done, but then we raked, swept and took the party to the truck! The girls went to town & cleaned all the garbage in the Suburban. They even broke out the cleaning wipes & wiped everything down! Whoohoo!

Hugo, Graciella, Antonia & Harley
(I like this pic but it's blurry! I took it w/iphone but I took the Rice Babies pic too same way! Hmm. Perhaps, I need to hold my breath next time!?)

Nov. 3rd:  Whew! I wish I could of flown to a tropical beach somewhere by myself for the day! I don't know what's going w/Graciella. She's 11 now & no it's NOT the whole pre-teen thing. She's a good kid but goes thru the same thing everyday. I cannot take it anymore. So, on that note, she was told as much that morning before school. I had volunteered ALL day in Antonia's & Lele's class, so this took my mind off all that happened in the am. =) After school, she was okay & went off to practice okay as well. We'll see. Perhaps I'll go more into detail at a later date.

Lele & I took pix for a sneak peak before the sprinklers went off & the sun went down! Thx to Connie & Gary for holding them, so I can get the perfect pix! =) {they just happened to be going tor a walk!}

Please leave a comment & let me know thoughts on color combos, prints, etc! I will def use your input in the NEAR future! Thx a bunch!! xo


Sheyb said...

Loved the Halloween pictures! Fantastic. :) Happy birthday to your mom, husband and pup! ;)

Diana Waite said...

are you telling me that your mother's birthday is the 30th?! My mom's is too! CRAZY!! Your pictures are FANTASTIC!!

chefamily said...

Wow! Busy week with soccer and birthdays! That's funny that your Mom has been saying she's 39 for 40 years now!!
I love the Halloween pics of your girls.
Hopefully your 11yr old we be able to work through whatever it is that she is going through. :)

P.S. Your puppies are beautiful!

Sheree said...

i LOVE the picture of the three of them walking away from you (minus the for sale signs. ;P) - happy birthday to your momma! mommas rock.

i like the color combos - especially the 2nd one. :)