November 6, 2009

Don't get burned

Yesterday in the am, was not a fun one for Leleanna. My poor mama was getting her hair done w/the straightener. All us girls were in the bathroom getting ready, Lele turned & her tiny arm fit perfectly in the hot-HOT straightener, just like a sandwich! Luckily, I pulled it away & didn't clamp it down. =(  Now she has a burn on top of her forearm & a matching one on the bottom as well. She cried & cried but stopped before she got to school. Accidents happen but jeze! How many times you tell your kids to stop jackin around while you're using something hot like that... hopefully, this will be a lesson for her & she'll stay still next time! It's not a bad burn but still, it happened. =/

Lastnite, we had mom's practice again. Whew! This really kicks my butt. Due to popular belief, I do not work out of any sort...just for the record people. We had fun too. Maria's husband worked us moms hard w/real drills! No being lazy lastnite! Thx Manny!

I forgot a few more pix from Halloween, from our trip to Grace & Jims. Jim has a way w/my girls & they love him! This affair went on for the entire club soccer season (a full year!). I don't mind, he's so good w/them =) Thx again you two for having us! xo

There was a group of boys as well! My girls had fun even though we had to cut the nite short due to early games the next am.

Jim & Lele

Jim (w/leftover makeup from Ryan!) & Antoni

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Sheree said...

so sorry about lele! i think it's so great you got all those hallween pictures - i got maybe 2?! ugh.