October 27, 2008

More Stuff...strange

Had lunch today w/an old friend, Mark & his lil one, Lola. She is too cute & so well behaved for a 2 yr old! Carlos & I decided on Firehouse Subs. YUMMY! Every last table in & out were taken. The meat is cut fresh every am, & again in the pm before dinner. Have headache again today. Have no clue why they keep happening. I'm hoping they take a break sometime soon!
Miss Lola
Earlier this week, I had a dream that Carlos did something to make me upset & my long time friend, Jake (who lives in Ohio) was giving me a hug, trying to console me. Well, as soon as I was done telling Carlos about this dream, my cell rings & its JAKE! He's telling me that HE had a dream & in it, I was crying & he was consoling me. The reason for his call was to make sure everything & everyone here was okay. What word can describe this!? Freaky! Isn't this crazy? Same nite & same dream?!
A few wks ago, after the game fiascos... we met up w/Troy & Riley over at Chandler/Gilbert Comm. College for a girls soccer game. The kids had fun & Riley spent the nite. I was exhausted & I'm guessing the kids were too bcuz we all fell asleep watching Transformers! I think Antonia & Carlos made it to the end. Riley is such a good kid & great w/our girls! They just love 'em! Graciella & Riley have been friends since they were toddlers! I have this photo... I'll just wait till I can find a copy to post. It's too cute! (Cannot be found! I have to check older sources! Think it was taken before digital camera. Oh fun.)

We had Antonia's party to celebrate her Baptism (2002! I wrote back a few posts 2004. Wrong! Time flies too quick, it's scary!) Her Godfather Troy & his family came, (her Godmother Jackie lives in Ohio), Gramma, Carrie, Carly, Kayvion & my great-niece Nahki (that I haven't seen since she was an infant in the hospital!) all came.

Antonia & her Godfather - Troy

Nahki (she looks like a doll!)
Antonia & Nahki and Mr. Kayvion

Graciella & Miss Funny Face Lele

Here's a layout I did for Devine Memories. I love this photo of Lele! (confession: scraplift on this one! But I did make it my own. I HAD to lift this one! I loved the simple lo, white space, title... sorry folks!)

(WHAT is up w/this spacing deal? I try & try again. Delete & do it over. It works when IT wants to! UGH!!)

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