October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Leleanna & Antonia met up w/the Jessons to go trick-or-treating. Lele did real good w/all the walking. However, the day was busy & by the end, I felt like I had shin splints!


Graciella, Antonia & Lele

Carlos dropped off Graciella at Riley's to do the same. After we were done, we met up w/Graciella & hung out w/the adults & ate! At one point, we took 2 car loads of kids to a haunted house near by & Graciella 'wanted' to go. I told her to stay but that didn't work! She got as far as the driveway bcuz the masks, scary music, it was dark, the smoke... she was AFRAID! These masks & costumes were freaky! I kept reminding her, they're ONLY masks & normal people are inside of those masks! She wasn't hearing me! ... Graciella is finding out about the saying 'it's a small world'. When she first got to Riley's, she ended up seeing her friend, Hunter & her 3rd grd teacher, Mrs. Nall. Long story short, Riley's twin - Jake, his baseball team also came over & you can guess the rest. We left there pretty late. All was good & fun though!

Miss Goldilocks (Riley) & Graciella

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