October 23, 2008

Random Stuff

Lele says to her dad, "Why is there fur on this side & not on this side?" (as she turns his arm over) I just thought that was so cute & too funny!

Shows me & Carlos are watching (DVR is more like it!)

My Own Worst Enemy
Desperate Housewives
My Name is Earl (I sometimes watch w/C)

My shows:

Samantha Who?
Dancing w/the Stars (I like to fw thru all the bs & just watch the dances!)
The Hills
Lipstick Jungle

This photo I took w/my iphone this am before school of Antonia Bella. I love her do!

Graciella started her new school this past Tuesday. She knows one girl from her old school & she did okay! She's liking it. And she's made friends that very first day! Thank God! I knew she would do well, but being in 5th grade, you still wonder. Some of these girls can be that 'B word' & they weren't! SO happy for Graciella!

Did I ever mention that when in Flag for Graciella's soccer tournament that our goalie broke her wrist? Then 2 Sats ago, our goalie broke her collar bone?! OUCH! Hope you're feeling better Clarissa! Yeah, I will leave that entire story to rest bcuz of the directions that we got off the internet said to 'make a right on a local street!' WHAT?!*%#@!! So me, Lele & Antonia drove up & down this street out in No Where Land trying to turn onto a non-dirt-road or one that had a gate! Carlos finally came to our rescue! I did miss all but the last 2 mins of the game. I made it to deliver the coach's cupcakes, gift & balloons for his bday! Hope it was a great one Drew! All this made me late, wait I meant MISS Antonia's game back in Chandler! Graciella's game was somewhere in Cave Creek. Nice huh!? The traffic on the freeway didn't help ANY of our travel plans that day!

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