July 5, 2008

My Antonia Bella

July 2nd - Antonia turns 7!!

Antonia had HER choice of places to go to eat lunch & Elephant Bar won out in the end. (it
was TOO hot to sit outside & eat at Sonic!!)

Troy & Antonia

Okay! I HAD to take a pic of my YUMMY sweet potato fries!

I took Antonia Thursday to Justice to get her a Webkinz. Trying to get OUT of that store super quick didn't go as planned. Graciella ended up in the dressing room & walked out of there w/a few real cute outfits. I love that store! Lele was content playing w/all the girlie stuff they have right in the center of the store: lipgloss, giant calculator, all kinds of goodies! Went to Costco after that & again, couldn't get out of that store for under $100! We ate & we were out of there!

Friday: Bday Party

I took the girls to see WALL-E. Cute movie! Melina, Zach & Troy (Antonia's God father) all went too. All 7 seven girls did great! Stopped by Nicantoni's to pick up some pizzas & Vic gave Antonia this big tub of Angelo's Italian Ice! Yum! That was so nice of him! Yeah, they know when we arrived bcuz it's usually the five of us & all the noise! Plus, we are there or we pick up too many times to count! That place is YUMMY & too close to home!! (Warner/McQueen)

Party Girls

Antonia HAD to have these Patriotic umbrellas!

The Red, White & Blue continues...

Saturday: Restful Day

Finally! Woke up early today but I did nothing! Caught up some w/the DVR (Days & the dance shows) Ate. Ate some more! Colored my hair! YES! I feel so--- much better! Now if it would just GROW already!! Took down Antonia's party decorations but still have all the balloons! Red, white & blue anyone? These suckers will last 3+ wks! I have found my new party store & I'll never leave 'em! The balloons stay up forever! (Party America - if you're interested! 202/Az Ave)

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