July 12, 2008

Princess Luncheon & Furry friends

It was Lele's day at preK this am! Her teacher is the best & Lele loves her! They had lunch w/tea cups, according to Leleanna. They made a bracelet & brought home a pretty crown!


Miss Priscilla w/Lele

Now, I want to give the furry part of our family a little bit of LoVe!

Hugo - He's the youngest.

But his Big Boy hair is coming in & getting long!!

You can see it real good in this pic!

Harley showing Hugo that he's TOO good to drink out of the water dish!

Sebastian & Harley hanging out on mommy's bed. This doesn't happen too often for Harley! (the bed part!)

Looks like he's guilty of some thing!

Tug-o-war at it's best! These two go at it like two pirahnas (complete w/sound effects!)

Sebastian & Francesca doing what they do best.

Our furry ones love us unconditionally! They are always there to greet us at the door, when we wake, put us & the girls to bed! Francesca climbs up Antonia's bunk bed ladder to do so! Stay w/us when we're not feeling well, follow us everywhere! Hugo always has to be touching us! I could go on but I'll be here all day!!

We love you gatos & puppies!!


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Katja said...

Hi!!! thanks for stopping by :o) That song is Ray Lamontagne from his album Trouble.......one very good album, if you like this kind of music I highly recommend it!!!!