July 1, 2008

Free Kitty

Our oldest that lives in Tucson, found a 7 wk old or so, kitty just last night. She's coming up to Chandler this Friday in the am. Anyone interested, PLEASE contact me! My email is on the left side bar! She called her local non-kill shelters & they're all FULL!

They are calling her Jackson (Jack in the Box is where they found her!) She is using the litter box & is eating dry food. She's purring & she's happy! Melina also told me that it looks like she has an eye infection. Nothing a trip to the vet couldn't cure!

I took my stuff into Devine Memories yesterday & sent it off to Hambly via email. Now, I just have to play the waiting game... Hambly is announcing by Aug 1st. That's forever!! Devine Memories - hopefully by week's end! Hambly is also accepting international applicants! Ahh--!

July 2nd - Antonia will be 7! And yet once again, it is proven that time DOES fly!

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