July 28, 2008

First Day is Here!

Summer flew by & the girls were super excited to go back to school. The new time to start didn't matter any. It was nice to see them get right back in the groove w/their friends & all of it! It was good to meet up & chat a min w/parents & teachers that we see saw all the time too. But it was TOO HOT standing there to do it! It didn't stop me though! Even w/this heat, they both had recess outside! Graciella will have band & play saxophone this yr! She's happy about it. Antonia has a bunch of her friends in her class, so she's happy!


*BFF* Katie


This is what the girls made me a few days ago. A salad w/all the fixings, smothered w/Ranch dressing! Yum for me. A bowl of strawberries & a bowl of Splenda to dip them in! Finished off w/a ever so pretty napkin holder. ha!

Just another day at preK. I love this shirt on her, too cute w/her ponytails!

I'm jumping on the bandwagon w/this series. I've put it off & I just keep hearing all this hype about it. So what the heck! I just have to finish my current read first!

I bought the first two:

I just need to get the third one & on August 2nd, the fourth comes out.

A movie is coming out in December 2008 too. Hmm...

FINALLY caught up w/Min. Congrats again Min on the VA gig!! I know your super busy & all, just remember we're still here & love you much! xoxo

I have more good news, but I need to stop here, in order to watch movie w/the husband!

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Sparklinbecks said...

The dinner your girls made you looks yummy!

Let me know what you think of those books! Make sure you have time to sit down and read them because you wont want to put them down!