July 23, 2008

All about Leleanna

We can start w/MY toe! She will tell you that her little toe w/the beauty mark, is MOMMY'S toe!! (aren't her summer toes too cute!?)
Lately, Lele's days are long! PreK in the am & right after, she had swimming lessons. Some days we'll go to 'races divorce' (Desert Oasis) to go swimming for a few hrs.
Miss Mindy is the best!!
She had the girls, one on one, for swimming lessons. Now, all 3 can swim in the deep end ON THEIR OWN!!
July 17th - Evening w/Kids
All the prek classes sang a bunch of songs, as well as others that danced. It was held at The Chandler Center for the Arts.

Miss Jenny, Lele & Miss Priscilla
(she loves these 2 ladies!)

Lele's fan club: Graciella, Lele, Gramma & Antonia
(check out Antonia's knot on her forehead!
She attempted a hand stand in the pool! Ouch!)

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