June 10, 2008

Our Oldest

Here's a photo of Min (Meen) & her friend at the Keith Urban concert last wkend. I thought he would be the headliner & Melina said Kenny Chesney was. Surprising I thought! Isn't Min PrEttY!! We don't have a chance that often to take pix of her bcuz she lives in Tucson. So THX Min! I loVe YoU! xo

Lexi & Melina

Keith Urban

Oh yeah! Graciella & her eye appt w/the specialist... all was good! It's normal & she just needs to have it checked every yr. THANK GOD! I was worried that she wouldn't be able to play soccer anymore & she would be crushed!

Lele is almost done w/preK... just a few more mins to go!

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