June 9, 2008

I can Beathe again

Sort of! Recital went great! The girls looked so pur--tee all done up! I got to watch the 2 lil ones from onstage. I was so excited for them! Lele went out there & didn't look at anyone but straight out & did her thing! Antonia same thing! Considering what Graciella had to go through for her dance, she pulled it out! It was such a LONG day!

Back stage Dora Gambling ring !!

Trolley song line up

You R the Music in Me

Another FAVE photo... StoP & sMeLL the rOseS

Intergalactic - Beastie Boys

Sunday - we went to mass & took the girls out for lunch to CPK. Yummy! We were laughing hysterical & loud as anything! We had a good time. I took the girls to the pool for a minute too. They so- deserved to go! (Antonia stayed home though. She got in trouble for hurting Graciella 2 secs before we left! Not fun, I know. She had to learn the hard way!)

First day of PreK for Leleanna (today!)

She was looking forward to this day for months! She did a great job too! No tears. Not afraid. All set w/her lil new backpack, she was ready to go! Except mommy was nervous for her, or can I say anxious? right before we left. She was a cool lil cucumber! I love that girl!!

Her new backpack is BLACK! (She DOES NOT do black!) But she DID like this one w/the pink flowers :)

My lil baby girl is now a lil big girl! (She will always be my baby!)

Lele didn't waste any time to dive right in!

Today - we walked in from preK & Harley got into the garbage! I know bad puppy BUT the funny part was... he had a paper plate FULL of syrup stuck to his a** ! Ha! I had to pull it off & give him a bath out in the back. (He JUST got a $30 pamper session last Friday!) Nice one huh!? So, I figured while I was sweating in the heat already! why not give Hugo one too! Now you can see his Big Boy hair real good! All nice, white, fluffy & curled w/the part down the back! They both behaved for me ("Per-fect" Carr! ha!) considering I did it w/out any collars!

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