June 12, 2008


Okay this HURTS!! It feels like I did bust, break, crack.... my tail bone! ha! I did it while I was playing w/Lele in the pool 2 days ago. I thought I was going to vomit, have heart failure, drown - all bcuz of the major pain I was in. I just waddled around the pool for the rest of the time w/the baby. Just crawlin' slowly using my hands to pull myself around. Not Fun! All I did yesterday was lay on the couch & fall asleep on/off. Got tired of that & cooked dinner. Leave it up to me to use the oven, stove, all these pots & pans. Did I forget I WAS in pain still? Bending down alone, just about killed me! Never mind the getting up part! I did survive & after talking to Mary later on, I called Stewart (chiropractor) to see if I could come in this am. Have to wait to hear back from him. Today is better than yesterday though. Pain-wise, except when I went to get in the car to take Lele to preK. She has water day today. She's so excited!

I finished these 2 layouts for the last month of Devine Memories design team. I meant to post them 2 wks ago but that never worked!

You pronounce this sahn-tah. My dad would call me this all the time. These pix I actually peeled out of an album from many yrs ago!

This 2 pg layout is of Antonia. Long overdue! She'll only be 7 in a few wks! ha! I like how this turned out. Esp. the flowers, stems & the 'a' underneath the clock.

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Diana Waite said...

Girl!! I love these layouts! You alway amaze me, I love the pictures and journaling for your Santa page. And the flower are amazing on the other! you rock!!