June 17, 2008


Okay, today was really TOO HOT! You get in the car, turn the a/c on, sweat from waiting, then BAM it's cooling you off! Yea! ... then you reach your destination & BAM, you have to walk from your parking space to the a/c. YUK!!! But you know what, we can complain all we want, but we ARE still here, with our homes & loved ones, safe & out of harms way. The crazy weather, that is. It's crazy, I wonder why this happens? But I thank God that we live here in this heat & not where all these storms, tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes are happening. We are lucky.

We took our girls, along w/Amy & Katie to Amazing Jake's yesterday. We met the Kruse family there. The girls had lots of fun!

Dad & Antonia

Graciella & Amy

(Amy just made the height requirement to drive!)

All the kids! Lele was too afraid!

Things happen for a reason & people choose different paths. You can only hope that one of those paths may bring them back. Life goes on though. It has too. So many people come into our lives for different reasons. I see this proven time & time again. Friends, co-workers, neighbors, store clerks... the list goes on. I have been blessed to have special people in our lives that are true, honest, caring, loving, have respect for themselves & others they love, their word stands for something... I could go on. Those people who know us, know who they are. Know that you are truly appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

Last, but not least... Happy Birthday Becky!! xo

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