June 20, 2008

Design Team Submissions

I would LOVE to be a part of an online design team! I'm a SAHM w/4 girls from 3-1/2 to 22 . My husband TOTALLY supports my LoVe for this addicting hobby! I'm currently on a dt w/a LSS Devine Memories. It's been 2yrs & now it's time for a new team. Try out time again... I love it there. My second home. It's funny, my girls know exactly what to do as soon as they walk in. Usually, it's to give a hug to who ever is working but then it's off to help straighten up, etc. I've met so many genuine people there that it would be hard to say goodbye! I love creating pages/projects w/what is given to us (regardlesss, if it's my personal style of supplies or not) I make it work & end up loving the end result!

I read blogs/web sites of ladies on the dt's. I just wonder HOW they did it!? When, where, how often do they submit... so many questions & they are from all over the world! I love it! All these women brought together to create & share w/all!

COSMO CRICKET --- LOVE your stuff! Please pick me! ha! My project is one I made for my daughter w/your dt totally in mind! I won't lie! I love how it turned out! It's a match game w/pix of our family. It has a total of 40 peices.

Just a few of my faves...

There's more through out my blog!! I have a gallery at scrapbook.com too!

Thx for the opportunity! Have a great wkend!



Diana Waite said...

Absolutely AMAZING!!! Oh, Julie good luck!!!

Elder Nathan Askins said...

Good luck Julie. I think your submissions are super cute. You're going to make I just know...