June 15, 2008

All Day--

Happy daddie's Day!
(as Min would spell it)

Today was sort of a busy day for Carlos. Thx so much for the YUMMY dinner (that he BBQd in this AZ heat!) He cooked after running to PetsMart, Costco, Safeway... I forget where else! I stayed home in pain still, but able to walk a bit faster! I'm using my pillow Marci! It's quite comfy & makes it all better. ha!

Thx Jeannie for my Eclair Pie! YUM!! Carlos thxd Joan tonite for it! Thx for the run to Pei Wei too. The girls loved it! Jeannie & the girls are coming over! :] Although it got loud, as always!, it was fun just sittin & talkin' w/all running around! No clock to look at, just took our time for once! Thx for the Rum cake, will taste that manana! Perhaps, we all can do Carlos' apple pie & ice cream Mon. pm. !! (If there's any left by then... he could eat it for brkfast, lunch & dinner!)

**Jeannie is truly an amazing friend. I don't know what we would do w/out her & her family!! xo

Well, daddy you deserve a vacation! Someday sooner than later! You are my rock! My best friend. My wonderful husband. My go-to guy. My very own handy man. My technical support guru. Now, my jeweler. My auto. ice maker. My research dept. My scrap proofer. My idea-bouncer-offer. My shrink. My nurse. My biggest fan. My supporter. My bed warmer. My chef. My ice tea maker... this could take a while! (Perhaps, I shall turn this into a scrap project!) The girls & I, love & cherish you more than ever. You are truly our #1. You have our heart always. xoxo

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