May 11, 2008


After a long-- day of me standing on line at dance for 2 hrs to buy recital tickets, same thing at the rec center to register Lele for PreK, then off to Legacy tryouts & sitting in the 95 degree weather (it was actually nice in the shade!), out to a late lunch for Mom's day w/Jeannie & ma to Elephant Bar & some creme' brulee, and back home only to go to Devine Memories for a minute to p/u my kits & Safeway... walk in the door & there's a message! We all listened super close... it was Drew from Legacy!... let's listen... SHE MADE IT!!! We are so-- proud! Graciella called daddy at work & he was super happy! She's on the blue 98s w/Drew. This works! She really worked her butt off all 3 days of tryouts & in this heat!

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