May 11, 2008

Old Friends

Yesterday the girls & I ran into Joseph at Safeway! I think everyone was looking at us bcuz we forgot about everything, just kept giving big hugs & saying how long-- it's been! He & wife, Diane are expecting thier 1st baby! How exciting for them! She's 12 wks along. He also said they are moving this July to Chicago (her family's there). He's got a job already lined up so.. they're on their way! He's been a part of our family since we've moved into this house (12yrs). Congrats & Best of luck w/all!

I have so- much to catch up on! We had Antonia's soccer team party this past Tuesday. All the kids had fun. We ate pizza (thanks Ryan!),

I made soccer cupcakes

Carlos made the team bracelets

They also got trophies.


Antonia gave this to me this past wk. She made it in school. Now we just have to keep the kitties from eating the pretty flowers! Thx mama! I love it!

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