May 9, 2008

Create w/what U were given...

Here they are. DT layouts once again. I was given some paper I don't think I would have picked out myself (for one anyway!) But I tried the best I could! It's fun & challenging to come up w/something then see the end result.
This is Graciella in 2004. She had a Tea Party. I LOVE this pic!

This is from the same yr. Her bday party at home. It has a bunch of pix in the 2 mini books.

I like how this turned out. I was given vacation papers & used Melina's Spring Break of '08 pix on it.

I love this one! I used fabric & the sewing machine on this. I was given the papers again & voila'! All pix are courtesy of Heather Bailey & Amy Butler. I just had them cropped & printed out w/a deco. edge.

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