June 5, 2015

Donuts & 18 Years

Happy National Donut Day! 

Yes, daddy brought home donuts! I was afraid every place would be sold out! He managed to find some though! Thank you to the donut Gods! *wink *wink

Happy 18th Anniversary to us!

My hubby & I have been married for 18 years! This includes happy & not-so-happy times (more of the first though!), sickness & health (he has proven to me over & over that he is here to stay after ALL my hospital visits and stays! Yikes!) So many years of too many drs and he still listens to all the details. =) Rich or poor. This man of mine truly works hard & deserves the best vacay! Seriously! One day, we will be blessed with the one of our dreams! Also, can we add a honeymoon to that please?? Yes, we still need to go on that lovely week away solo. Call it rekindle the romance after kids, busy life, etc. I would LOVE to have a ceremony to renew our vows! Oh so many ideas! Back to my husband, Carlos. I love you with all that I am. My heart belongs to only you forever & always. You & our girls are my everything. This thing we call life is a real good thing too. xoxo

(I forgot to mention, this photo is a fave from 12 years ago! )

Hope your day is filled with love & yummy donuts!

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