May 24, 2015

Fuse it!

Yes, I did walk in Hobby Lobby to purchase the WRMK Photo Sleeve Fuse & walked out with Becky Higgins Photo Fuse Tool! One, they didn't carry it & two, didn't even know that BH had such a tool! Love Project Life & Becky! So... off to the register we went! My coupon helped sway me, what can I say! lol Love the all white too!

This tool is easy to use too! If using for the first time, be sure to get yourself a cheap wood clipboard maybe from the dollar store to use when using this tool. It gets hot pretty quick & you don't want to make the mistake of using on your crafter's mat for your desk! I have an extra 12x12 pink one & used it on this first try. Oops! Tiny spot ruined & melted. Cannot really see it but if used over & over? Ruined for-ever. 

Had to try this right away! I just got my Crate Paper Maggie Holmes Confetti flower dies in the mail so... the smaller flower + sequins makes for the perfect fused pocket! I need to get 3 pocket letters out this week & this tool will come in handy! Love it!

Happy weekend!

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