August 26, 2013

Party of Fourteen

Yes that many girls! Three were mine but it was still fun! We had the party at home & went crazy with balloons! I wish Pinterest existed years ago! I saw an idea to decorate without helium. Yes! Money saved & I love this idea, so we went to town! A video of party/decor is on Instagram too! Here are a few shots:

My two girls: Antonia & Graciella helped me tremendously! I would never have made it by start time w/out them! Thank you girls! xoxo
Craft time was trying to show all the girls how to embroider. I had sewn the banners, the girls chose a word, I wrote it & they went to town! One was a pro, a few 'got it' and the others, they were fighting w/their thread and the thread won! 
My teen made the photo booth sign and I love it! She has the coolest writing! And above are some shots of the party girls. (not sure why Instagram did not include this one photo in my photo stream!? Grr---!)
Video Star was also on the agenda. The girls split up into two teams and created super cute/funny videos! Have your kids tried this out yet?

My mama is now nine and a ball of energy, sass, kisses & hugs, a rising soccer superstar and she has a big heart! Did I mention she's real crafty too? 

I have to share a balloon pic too! Almost forgot! I'll get right on that one!
Have a good night!

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