May 15, 2013

Water Day

Finally! The girls have been looking forward to this day (Tues. for Lele & Weds. for Antonia) for weeks! The kids get to spend 3 hours running around outside on huge inflatable slides! They also have games, snacks & music too!  The kids love it! All this can only happen if you read 100 hours before May 1st. Not hard right? If you can believe it, some kiddos didn't reach this. I don't want to get into why but it starts at home. 'Nuff said!

1. Lele & her bffs 2. Antonia leaving for school. Yes my girls indulge me to snap a quick pic! 3. Goodies from Michaels / Project Life. Love my 60% off yellow ceramic strawberry container! 4. Antonia & her shades. too cute! 5. Our boys. Are you LOVING Elsie & Emma's new app on IG?! 

Happy day!

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