May 16, 2013

A Little Gem

I love Project Life! However, I am behind because of printing out my photos. Say NO MORE!!  My husband bought me this baby!! It arrived today & I did a happy dance as Carlos held the front door open, the UPS man walked up and handed over THE BOX. You better believe I opened up this pretty right away too!

Enter my spanking new Epson Picturemate Show. Spectacular I tell you! Went to town right away too! I need to get the bluetooth for my iphone then I can try printing from there. I'm one that my photo has to be perfect even though if sitting in an album, you know... because years down the road, when my girls are looking at all the pix, they WILL know that the photo should be a tiny bit brighter or I didn't use the perfect font that resembled a vintage typewriter. Yes, it'll be that minute that all hell breaks lose on little ol' me... mom. Until then, I'll keep plugging away and try at the same time, to let the little details slide. Maybe. Once in a while.

Happy day!