January 25, 2013

National School Choice Week

This was a huge deal for my girls & their charter school! The school celebrated w/a flashmob, music, speeches by US Senator Jeff Flake, State Senator Andy Biggs, Nick Lowry (Hall of Fame football kicker), balloon launch & more!

A quick lunch for Antonia & I on way to her dr's appt! It seems everyone is getting sick again!

It rained on/off in the afternoon! So happy it stopped after we parked & had to walk a few blocks! The celebration continued in Phoenix w/more speakers & the Jonas Brothers!

We almost didn't make it because my girls weren't feeling great & we were running out of time! I left it up to them, made the drive & made it on time! (didn't even have to fly down freeway!)

Now they can say they saw the Jonas Brothers close up! They sang a bunch of songs too! I thought they would sing a few but not an entire concert's worth! #sohappyformygirls

Happy Friday night!

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