January 10, 2013

Almost Played Out

Physically that is! My poor girl has played in the JV games to help and played in the Varsity games NON-stop. No sub at all. She is a machine. Not. And I know this. She is that player that can play ALL over. She shines when she's on the field in any position. (coach had told my husband a few days ago!) Great to hear but not to see how our girl collapsed in her bed 2 out of the five days. She felt sick, tired and fell asleep as soon as her head hit her pillow... complete in uniform too. We are so glad that the girls are getting a break till their game next week!

1. Varsity team huddle at half 
2. JV game warming up
3. me and my girls
4. healthy snacking solo
5. arizona sunset
6. strange looming clouds
7. my cute mama!
8. teammates & friends

Now to work on Project Life! Enjoy your night!


Unknown said...

Popped over from @allthatisbeautiful blog to say what a gorgeous blog you have. Ps What a beautiful and champian girl you have too.

Diana Waite said...

sounds like my girl--TIRED all the time! :)