June 12, 2012

Full heart. Happy heart.

My life is full. Every day. Every minute.
 As usual, time flew by. Our lives have changed that quick.
 All in the blink of an eye.

Gramma moved in.
End of school year projects.
New car.
Our 8th grader graduated.
Dr appts. X-rays.
Soccer tryouts.
Our 15th wedding anniversary.
Pack up 2 bdrm apt for Gramma.
Entire family sick w/cold.
New garage door installed.
Yard sale: all must go!
Horse riding lessons.
Pool parties.
Happy mail.
Therapy people visit for Gramma.
{All this in a matter of 1.5 months}

The list everyday is endless. I just try to keep up. So many little things to fill in all the gaps as well. I created many collages w/app on iPhone but by the time I make to my Mac, I'm exhausted & it's usually past midnight. I will share photos here & there to catch you all up. (unless you follow me on Instagram, you've seen it all!)  

I will share this picture of my girls: sick, nose strip & all but they're happy. 

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