May 1, 2012

Lake Pleasant

Today was a crazy day (do I ever get off this track?) & it started w/a field trip to Lake Pleasant. We've never been so I was excited. A total of five - 5th grade classes went from the girls' school and I choose to ride on the bus. (the girls' school have zero buses, so for field trips: either you drive or ride on the charter bus. It was nice to not worry about the long drive & traffic on the way back and just relax.) I usually skip the bus because it makes me nauseous. It was all good today though!

Oh wait! Before I can go into that... even before we got to school, I had to make a u-turn & go back home. my 8th grader forgot her project on counter. This meant she was going to be late. Not good. This meant that I wouldn't have time to pick up something for breakfast & take my insulin either.

Made the trip, made it to school just in time for my 5th grader to be on time. Parked, ran upstairs, spoke to teacher & I had time for food! Yes! I'm telling you, it never gets boring around here. =)

Hard to believe that just a mountain separates these two

my mama & her bff

The kids were excited to see the wild burros on the way out!

Antonia 'needed' to add to her duct tape collection so we stopped by Michael's before heading home. By this time: we spent so much time walking in the AZ sun & mini-classes: I needed a quick pick-me-up! *plus I got a real bad headache. Ugh! We ran up to Little Caesars for dinner & yes, this mama didn't have to cook. Antonia & I caught the last 10 mins of Donna Salazar's Tuesday Tutorials. It's live & we chat away too. Tonight we won the last prize! (mom's super fast typing did the trick!) Whoohoo! Then it was showers, homework & bed. And now here I am, it's real late & I'm typing away.

Thanks for hanging in there w/me. Enjoy your day!
Sweet dreams.


Diana Waite said...

wow, I feel tired just reading this! looks like fun!

Kate Vickers said...

Hi Julie, you might want to check my may have won something. :)