May 7, 2012

Beautiful Heart, Beautiful Soul

It's been six years since my sister passed. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her, wishing she was still here with us. My girls miss her too. Carlos and Gladita always joked around poking fun at each other. There's so many little things that you miss when someone is no longer here. And at the same time, things that may have happened that you regret. Regardless, she was my big sister, we were close and she was a very strong woman. She worked herself to the bone seven days a week for her family. Her girls were everything. She always had a smile on her face until you pissed her off! haha! She would let you know too. At the same time, she would do anything for her family. I just wish we could have her back. 

Happy Monday.


Diana Waite said...

SO sorry for your loss my friend.

CalleLillyCafe said...

Thank you Diana.