January 29, 2012

Age is Just a Number

I will not reveal 'The Real' number but it is only a number, right? I honestly don't feel like my number. Do you? People tell me they think I'm __ & I have to give them a hug! I just cannot believe so much time has passed! One girl is done w/college, one going into high school, one in 5th grade & the youngest in 2nd. 

Happy Birthday to me!! Did I mention time flies by too quick? Why is this? I really want to enjoy each day & all the little things that my girls do or say. I take lots of photos of everything too. Love. It. Back to my day! We tried to the bike ride deal. No go. Lasted for one time around the neighborhood & I had to leave mid way. Could not take the whining. Anymore. Sorry, but enough was enough. A certain little 7 y/o is learning to ride w/zero training wheels. For this ride, they were placed back on, but higher. This way she could balance more on her own. Before we were out of the driveway.... it started. Oh fun.

It was late in the day & we all had to get ready for church anyway. Gramma went to mass w/us. Graciella stayed for Youth group and we headed home for dinner. My niece & her familia came over & we celebrated my wonderful even number. =)

{don't try too hard to count all the candles. oh yea, and there's an extra one for good luck!}

Artwork by: my girls.

And... the hubby ordered this for me!

I will share as I use this pretty mini. =)


Unknown said...

Happy birthday to you! Hope you had a fabulous day. Hope you have fun with that cool camera!

Anonymous said...

Hey Happpyyyy Belateddd Burfdayyyy...


CalleLillyCafe said...

Thank you ladies!