August 6, 2011

Happy Mail

This was in my mailbox today & I'm hoping my girls didn't burn their hands while getting it! (I can assure you they didn't bcuz I never heard any screams!) Have you seen/heard about Postal Pix?? (You can click on iPhone on sidebar to visit website!) If you have an iPhone & use Instagram to take photos or any other app, you WILL LOVE IT! I placed my order a few days ago & these babies arrived today, plus my pretty mag! 4x4 photos! Perfect size for scrapping! If you sign up on Instagram, look me up: CalleLillyCafe. You can follow peeps too, comment, Like, as well post to Twitter, FB, Flickr, etc! =)  

Let me know if you join or use Postal Pix! They're on FaceBook too! Leave 'em a message & tell them Julie Garcia-Matus sent you! Happy weekend!

1 comment:

Debbie @ OtRD said...

I just heard about Instagram for the first time today on the radio. Some british band is going to make there music video from the pics people send them using that app. What a cool idea!

Yours look awesome!!