July 2, 2011

Happy Ten

Ten years ago today, my mama was born! Antonia Bella would be my mama. (one of three mamas to be exact!) Today we have party plans, a sleepover, swimming, ice cream making too! I cannot wait until she opens her gifts! One will be ringing as she opens it, if you catch my drift! *wink *wink

Happy 10th Birthday to my beautiful girl. We love you more than ever & couldn't be more proud. You always do your best whether it be for soccer, school or the best to watch... is when you are mama hen to Lele. You just love her more than ever. You're a daughter, sister (lil & big), grand-daughter, niece, cousin & a bff. All that meet you instantly fall in love w/you & want to make you theirs forever. Guess what? I'm the lucky one. Yes I am. I was blessed the day you were born & placed in my arms. God gave me you & made you mine forever. I'm not kidding when I say everyone falls in love w/you either! Countless times, adults will tell me they want to take you home w/them & have you never return! NEVER going to happen.
Not in my lifetime or next! EVER!! 

Mama, you are the best ever any mom can ask for. (& I'm not trying to butter you up!) Have a great day, enjoy your party & friends and always remember we love you more than ever.

mommy & daddy

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