December 17, 2010

My Heart is Full

I absolutely love this. This says it all...  I just found out about 30 mins ago that a long time friend from HS, that her mom passed away today. My heart is breaking for her bcuz I still have my mom, who just recently turned 80. Lately, I've been thinking about how things will be when I lose her forever. She & I are close. She lives a mile away. I drive her everywhere. We talk often throughout the day. I take care of lotsa of different things for her. She is the last living grandparent on both sides. My heart will be forever broken when that awful day comes. I'm afraid to ever face that day. In the meantime though, I did call my mom first to tell her the sad news. She remembers my girlfriend & was heart broken too. Why does this have to happen. It sucks. Period. I hate it. I have told my girls, that Gramma might drive you nuts for now... deal w/it, ignore it, change the subject... anything! Gramma is not going to be around for years & years to come. They understand & have been better around my mom. There is so much on my plate every day & no one, even those close to me, can possibly imagine ALL that is on my mind or to-do list each day. I worry about so many different things & have to remember so many different things, it'll make your head spin!

Back to 'my heart is full'. Between my mom, my girls & husband, boys and family that has passed... my heart is most definitely full. Although if I had another child, it would grow that much more! (that's not a possibility though!) Health, jobs, our home, cars... all that I am thankful for too. Times are tough. I wish it was better for the sake of our kids. =)

Isn't this the perfect necklace for any mom, Gramma or me?? heehee

Lisa Leonard is giving two away! Not sure when it ends, but if you win - I will gladly send you my mailing address. Good luck!

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