December 10, 2010

Gramma's Wish List

We drove straight to see Gramma at her Xmas party after Graciella's dance. (daddy was at the San Tan Holiday Classic w/the girls) It was happening too at the Senior Center! =) Live music, dancing & friends... and Santa!

Graciella & Gramma hit the dance floor! My mom LOVES to dance! A little fyi. That's where I get it from! =)

Gramma & her good friend, Lucy.

I love this one. Gramma kept introducing Graciella 'this is my beautiful grand-daughter!'

Yes, Gramma is a poser!

Me & Santa (I hope he got my wish list!)

Gramma is also a joke-ster! My guess? She was asking for a rich husband for her 39 y/o self!

And this was a quick trip too! I thought anyway. We had fun. Super happy we made it. Gramma is the last grandparent we have. =( I hope she's still here to see Graciella graduate from HS... that's another 5 years! I think she will.

We love you much ma!


Diana Waite said...

what a sweet memory for all! I especially love the picture where your mommy is talking to santa--SO cute!

Melina*Alecia said...

My lil big, and almost taller than me sister is breath-takingly BEAUTIFUL!! I'm sitting here crying at how GORGEOUS she is!!!

CalleLillyCafe said...

Daddy was LOL Min! A teacher just this past week told her she was 'uniquely beautiful'. Hmm. She also said bcuz she's not the typical pretty girl w/blue eyes & blonde hair. Thx I think? heehee