September 18, 2010

Me, Myself & I

I cannot say that often, if not... ever! Does that even make sense? Earlier in the week, after taking the girls to school, taking the boys for a walk & coming home... 

I decided to take a bike ride by myself. Solo. Uno. Only me. You get it right? I got my Black Betty ready. Even dusted her off some. Grabbed a water bottle, shades & iPhone w/earphones and was ready to roll. The only thing missing... my basket that is still on my wish list. 

I didn't have a destination. None whatsoever. Just wanted to ride, enjoy the beautiful weather while listening to anything my iPhone wanted to dish out. (I love selecting 'shuffle' bcuz you are re-introduced to music you haven't thought of for some time). So I left & just peddled away, at my own pace. Didn't have to look back once to check on the girls. No potty breaks. Just water breaks. It felt like I was in jr high again. Just riding w/no where to go. No time limit. (however, I did need to be back in about 5 hrs to pick up girls from school)

When all was said & done, along w/being parched & trying to play a trick on a good friend... I rode a total of nine miles one way. Oops. I should of realized when I passed the girls' old soccer club fields and the mall. haha! It didn't phase me though. I peddled all the way to a friend's family business & she drove us to Paradise Bakery. Yes, I sucked it up all wind blown & all and we sat, laughed & I tried to eat my lunch. My teeth have been hurting bcuz of my braces! I chowed though & it was good! I had almost forgotten that I had to bike all the way home. Yikes. I forgot about that part.

I was up for it though. I took a different route home & again, peddled to my own music. It felt so good to be in the moment. I don't think that has happened in a long time. It just cleared my head of everything. I even stopped a few times to snap some pix! I didn't feel tired either. Not quite sure how that worked bcuz I don't ever work out or walk, run, jog... you feeling me? hehe The next am though, one could def see I got some sun! Yes, even living in the desert, putting on the sunscreen was the last thing on my mind.

**almost forgot! on my travels, I was almost carried away by these HUGE red ants. Un. Believably. Gi. Normous. No lie. They were scurrying on the sidewalk, as I rolled over them. Yuk. Also, a lovely bee found it's way down my shirt on a water break. Got that sucker out REAL quick. Fun times oh yeah.

I did get home finally safe, sweaty & parched once again but I did shower, get girls & treated myself to a pedicure! I was in need & I said, I rode 18 miles today. Hello?! I deserve this. (plus I really needed one!)



Diana Waite said...

Good for you! Sounds like a good time!

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

Good for you! I am quickly outgrowing Jack's 3 hour kindergarten class... Short bike rides for me this year :)

PoetessWug said...

You go girl!! But with bees and ants...better you than me!! LOL The whole 'Stopping to eat' part though. GREAT!!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

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