September 22, 2010

East Coast Vacation

I'm a tad bit jealous of a 6" little paper girl named: Flat Bella. She's a pretty little thing, that my 9 y/o holds close to her heart. Imagine after 1. growing up & married in Jersey 2. haven't been back since 3. miss the beach, boardwalk, all the green grass & the woods! (we don't have any here!) 4. miss the diners & Ocean County Park 5. miss many more things like NYC. Well, aside from all that plus missing friends & family... this little paper beauty made the trip w/a bff from high school.

Amazing she is I tell you. Miss Kathleen. She rocked my world when I read this & saw the photos. All because she was on top of my daughter's assignment, she went on vacation & cared enough to take Flat Bella, then let another friend & her husband (I met them too long ago in Drum Corps!) well Mike & Maria took Flat Bella w/them to NYC & safely returned her to my bff. Kathy then made the trip back home & attended to Miss Bella's needs. I love her. As I said, she rocked my world. I knew ALL that was done would be sincerely be appreciated for a long--- time by Antonia. (Did I leave out the tears that welled up when I saw this in my in box?!) Much love & a big thank you goes out to Kathy, Mike & Maria. xoxo

This is what she sent my little one:

Flat Bella visits Tampa FL and New York City!


Thank you for sending Flat Bella to Tampa to visit with me!  Flat Bella had a great time while she was here.  Flat Bella flew with me to New Jersey and took a trip to New York City. Bella took the train from New Jersey to New York, where she sat in her seat and waited patiently to arrive at New York City.  While in New York City she went to the wax museum and saw many famous people.  She took pictures with Albert Einstein, and the Pope. 

Flat Bella and Albert Einstein

Flat Bella and the Clintons

After the wax museum Bella went to see Time Square. Even though the streets were crowded with many people Bella enjoyed her first day in New York City.

When we were back in Tampa, Flat Bella went to visit Saint Petersburg Beach! She sat in the sand and relaxed on a float in the hotel pool.

Flat Bella at the beach

Flat Bella at the pool

I think Flat Bella had a great time in Tampa and at New York City. Thanks again for sending her here! 


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PaperFlora2 said...

does Flat Bella need a traveling companion? 'Cause I'll totally volunteer!