August 20, 2010

Six Years Later

And she's still my baby. I get it now & all these years later why my mom still introduces me as 'her baby'. Yes I know. At this point, I'm grown w/a family of my own & I'm light years away from being that baby. Well, TODAY my mama turned six. I just scanned quickly through the events on my Mac & this one caught me eye. It looks as though I propped up a baby doll on this box! I love this photo. I could of stared at the screen for hours to choose the perfect one to share w/the world but then I would have to choose between 50 faves! 

I love everything about this one! Her lace socks, those eyes & that face! Love the little chunky legs & wrists too! I love my mama. xo

THEN we fast forward to TODAY.

This is my too cute, beautiful girl who full of energy, sassiness, spark, creativity, mad soccer skillz, attitude to boot, style, brains, dance moves, unlimited love & hugs for her mama... I'll stop there! heehee I could go on & on about this little one. (as I'm typing away, the whining about a toe w/a bandaid is keeping her from cleaning her room... Hmm.) I will stick by my words though. How can I not??

Enjoy each day Leleanna as we will, as we witness you grow into this little-big-girl who we are 
so very proud of. We love you & Happy Birthday!
mommy & daddy

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