August 17, 2010

30days Giveaway Week

Thx for stopping by! I'm excited! I have to hurry & visit all the shops & choose my fave! (before I get too behind!) I'll keep my fingers crossed too bcuz there ARE some I would really love to win!

** Here is what CalleLillyCafe is forced to let go giving away:

Our Leleanna Three-Tiered Skirt in sz 5/6 plus two Rolled Flower Hair Clips to match. I absolutely love this skirt & so did my little one. She loved how it twirled & twirled as she spun around, saying "mommy watch me!" omg. can I tell you it made me sick just as quick? spinning & I are no longer friends.  It has an elastic waist &' feels good' we were told from our model immediately after trying on.

 Have fun & good luck!

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