March 29, 2010

A Surprise for my Mama

Today is almost over & I am one exhausted mommy. Whew! My day was filled w/running here & there, shoving 2 dozen balloons into bus (Suburban), a mom coming to my rescue & p/u bday cake at Costco (thx Cheryl), 3 ice chests, 11 pizzas, chips, a bunch of girls & 2 boys... the party went off w/out a hitch & my mama, was truly surprised. It worked! A big thanks to my sister who is visiting: Rose, Amy & Bill. Thank you so very much. Daddy? Yes, you too. W/out you, none of this would be possible. Sounds like I'm at the Oscars! haha!

MaryRose & Aunt Rose leading Graciella to the parteeee!

She's got family, soccer friends & Edu-Prize friends!

Antonia & Marci

Lele & her cousin, MaryRose

In the middle of the soccer game, these 3 held their own!?? We love you Savannah! haha
Antonia & her Godfather Troy

My niece, MaryRose making her move on Paula- Graciella's teammate from AZSC!

Graciella & Riley: these two have known eachother since they were newly toddlers!

Marci & Graciella

Graciella, Mia, Leleanna & MaryRose (lil Mia can pass for one of ours!)

My birthday girl

Graciella & her bffs: Savannah & Sydney

Thank you so much everyone! xo

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