March 27, 2010

Preparing is Hard

And exhausting! I meant to start cleaning a week before. Yeah. That didn't work. A girl came over Friday nite and stayed for about 5 hrs. Even while we celebrated Graciella's 12th bday! (I was totally ok w/this!) Saturday 8 am, she was back & didn't leave until about 530 pm! Yes, she did us some Spring cleaning! THX so much Jacquie! She is great. Thorough & great w/my girls!

Antonia was gracious enough to pass on her ice skating soccer party (Part I) so we can stay home & help clean, put things away, etc. I told her we could go to Polar Ice w/Aunt Rose when they got here! The day went quick & soon enough it was time to take Graciella to her 3 pm party at the park. Did this & had to p/u dish to bring to Antonia's 4 pm party. Ya w/me still?! Did that, had to stop at Gramma's, hurried home, got the girls ready, p/u G from her party & we were off again! Did I mention all this was happening 30 mins behind sched? Actually we were almost 1.5 hrs late for Antonia's party. I told Carlos to meet us there w/Bill bcuz he still had to get ready as well. Made it there just in time for Antonia to get her award! Too cute too. Thx so much to Shelly & Shannon for doing this for our girls! (Our soccer club awards nite was Thurs. They handed out MVP, Most Improved, Most Spirit Awards to each team. W/the younger teams: my Antonia incld, the kids don't quite get it. Only 3 kids go home w/awards. This is where 'unfair' comes into play. Feelings are hurt.) All this changed though & all the girls went home happy campers w/awards, big soccer goodie baskets, trophies, yearbks & tired from playing a big soccer game w/parents & eating lotsa of yummy food! We left there about 10 pm, so the day was a long-- one.

I ABSOLUTELY love this photo of Lele! Another one of our pretty little girls.

Katie, Jayna, Antonia, Lele, Ellie & Becky
Check out that cake! Coach Shaye's mom made it! FABULOUS! She even had all our girls' names on it!

They even sang HB to Graciella! Thx Shelly!

Aren't these two TOO cute?! Kalani & our Antonia. More pretty girls!
Are you seeing a theme here?... NO BOYS!!

Even us parents received a goodie bag. Cute idea:
Noise makers to cheer on girls, lollipops so parents can keep quiet on sidelines, mints so we smell good when we have to talk to ref, team key chain & team id tag. All of it resembled a soccer ball too! Too cool ladies! Thx again.

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