February 17, 2010

First Ride

This is Melina almost 6 yrs ago! Has it been that long already?! Or was it 5? I used ScrapbookCircle's Feb Kit for this. I love this kit! Just wanted to share real quick! Once again, I must go to sleep like NOW!
Sweet Dreams all.


Diana Waite said...

your layout is FAB!! Love it!!

Melina*Alecia said...

I got my car June 4,2004. I'm so FAT here! But I like it.

Sheree said...

wow - how sweet is that layout. i have never digital scrapbooked - do you like it?

Sheree said...

uh oops! well, either way i so admire that you actually do it...i have big aspirations but haven't really followed through on scrapbooking since i blog. :(

looks like fun though. :)