January 19, 2010

Remember to Breathe

Where do I start? My head is starting to hurt (that strange, pressure feeling on top of my head). I just finished watching a few videos on CNN of Haiti. I cannot watch w/out crying. A woman has been found after 6 days buried under rubble. I don't know if I could be as strong as her. My first thought is, if I do not eat & take my insulin, I'll be sick, then out of it, then it gets worse from there. I'm not sure if she has kids, it wasn't mentioned but her husband never gave up hope. He was there when they pulled her out. He kept the hope alive. Each time they cleared some rubble away, he went & called for her. That's how she was found.

This past wkend was spent in Tucson at the Ft. Lowell Soccer Tournament. It was huge once again. Only this time, I had to weather Fri nite & Sat am w/out Carlos. The two girls had to be in different places at the same time, different venues, games, etc. If you knew me personally, you would know I do not like to hand off my girls for another parent to look after. Being at this tournament w/as many people walking around, that alone, frightens me. One of my biggest fears, is for one of my girls to get lost or to have been taken by a stranger. I just like to know that my girls are in safe hands & being looked upon every minute in a crowd like this. I had no choice but to trust the parents that we've come to know this season, over this wkend. I just want to say thank you w/all my heart for taking great care of my girls.

I will explain the events later today. I have to rest, just thinking of everything is making my head hurt, literally. I also have this feeling that I want to cry. Not want but have to. There's so much on my plate, as I can imagine all of you reading this: yours as well. I don't know why it all is affecting me this way nowadays. I always thought I can handle it all. I know I can, my head hurting though is telling me differently. I had to make a trip to the ER bcuz of it this wkend & the feeling was a scary one. That was not, by far, my first visit to the ER but for my head hurting, it was.

Have a good day & enjoy. Take a minute for yourself too. (I'm learning this the hard way)
And remember to breathe. Thx Melina. I love you & Zach for getting me through the wkend. xo


Diana Waite said...

my friend I love you! Wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of ya!

Sheree said...

sometimes a good cry is good for you! don't deny yourself it's needed! take care, julie!