September 23, 2009

Kids are packin'

or one would of thought!! I'm talking lots of blood ALL over the bottom part of my WHITE shirt! Ha! I looked like I got shot in my stomach! I was volunteering Tues in Antonia's class & my pump ran out of insulin. So... I pulled out the needle & BAM!  Blood squirting everywhere!?? This never happens! I thought I was safe to just do it there in her class. No one was paying me no mind, sitting in the back w/another mom. Antonia's teacher told her to take me to the nurse! I needed to be in Lele's class like in 2 mins!! So I spent the next 25 mins w/the nurse pouring saline onto my shirt, washing & rubbing it out w/soap & water. The nurse even broke out a jr high girls' shirt I could put on! Uh... a lil too short! =) I could of brought back the 80's! So now, my shirt is half soaking wet & no hand dryer except in the little girls' bathroom. Yeah well, NO adults are allowed so now, the girl at the front desk has to hold the door open for me while I'm bending down to fit under this dryer, while this little girl is walking out w/the coolest hairdo & I was complimenting her on it and she continues to tell me ALL about it: I'm in gymastics & my mom.... super cute! I have to try that on Graciella for soccer. Involves little ponytails & twisting... You get it, don't cha?!

In the end? My shirt looked brand new & I hurried off to Leleanna's class. ) Never a dull moment!!

Anyone click on over to Shealynn's blog to sign up for her bookclub? It starts Oct. 1st.  I still cannot find the first book! Ahh---! Let me know if you sign up! Come back & leave me a comment under this post!

This is the first book!!

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